Heat advisory services for the 2017-18 season: The 2017-2018 season

  • June 17, 2021

Heat advisory Services are an important part of the Heat’s strategy to help manage and improve the health and wellness of its players and fans, while supporting the team and its community.

The services are offered on a range of services to help players and community members.

The following are a few of the more popular Heat advisory options available:• Heat Heat Health and Wellness Advisory Services (HWEAS)HWEASS provides an array of Heat health and wellbeing support services.

This includes a Heat Health Center, an ongoing medical check-up, an in-home health screening and assessment and the option to have a Heat Care Coordinator.

Heat Health CoordinatorHWCCoaches can conduct a team health check-in, a team wellness assessment and a player wellness assessment.

This is available at any of the team offices.• Heat Care Advisory Services• HWCCoachingHWCcoaches are on call 24/7, 365 days a year to provide the best health and fitness services to the Heat community.

They will help with any Heat related issues, and they are also available to work directly with the Heat player’s team health and medical staff.HWCStaffHWC Staff is available to assist with any health and health related issues the team is experiencing, including but not limited to player wellness assessments, player medical checkups, wellness assessments for players, player health checkups and any other issues the staff may have.HWAHWA is the Heat Health Advisory and Wellbeing Advisor.

This service is designed to provide support for the players health and well-being, while maintaining the team’s well-established wellness program.HWEA is the health information and prevention service for the team.

HWEAS is a service that can provide health care, health screening, nutrition, stress management and exercise information to the players and their family members.

This information is collected and shared with the team to ensure that the players well-Being and Health is supported.HWTNHWT is the Health and Fitness and Nutrition Advisor for the Heat.

This advisor is available for the 2018-19 season, providing information on the team health program, the HWEAs wellness and health assessments, and the team wellness program and the player wellness program to ensure the health of the players.

The Heat’s Health and Health Care Advisory Council is a body of health care professionals and advocates in the Miami-Dade County, Florida, community who work closely with the players, coaches and community to provide professional, confidential health and Well-Being support.

They are comprised of doctors, physical therapists, registered nurses, personal trainers, nutritionists, physical therapy specialists, podiatrists, sports medicine specialists, and many more.HWDWDWDWDWDWD is a program that offers a free and confidential health check up to the team at all of the participating Heat facilities.HWMWHWM is a team fitness advisory service that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, seven nights a week.

It is provided by the Miami Dolphins.

HWMW is a full service wellness assessment service and is not limited solely to the health care and wellness services offered by HWM.HMWW provides the following services to Heat players:• Health Care Assessment• Personal Trainer Assessment• Health and Physical Examination• Health Screening• Heat Fitness AssessmentHWM’s team wellness services are not limited in scope and are provided to the entire team.

Heat Care AdvisorHWC and HWMHWC are part of Heat HealthCare Advisors’ Health andWellness Services.HWDWWDWDwd is a free, confidential and confidential wellness assessment that is provided to all Heat players.

The HeatCare Advisor is available 24 hours per week, 7 days per week and 7 nights per week for Heat players, Heat players’ families and coaches.HWPWW is an in house health check and assessment that the Heat provides for all players, teams and their families.

HWPW is provided for all Heat Health Care Advisors and is only available to the Miami Heat.HWSW is the only Heat Health Advisors wellness services that are offered at all Heat facilities, and are available to all players and teams.HWNWW provides a free medical check up for all team members.

HWNW is available through the team, team wellness center, Heat Care Advisor, HeatCare Assistant and other Heat Health Services to provide players with information on their health.HWWW is offered by Heat Healthcare Advisors to all members of the Miami Beach, Florida community, and is available from the team on a first come first serve basis.HEWW is one of the only wellness services available to Heat fans.

HEWW can be accessed by anyone who wants to participate, regardless of their age or medical condition.

HAWW is open to all fans of the Chicago Bulls.HAWW provides health, wellness and fitness information and is accessible to the whole community.

HWWW’s team well-

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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