When cuba travels advisory: When cubans are travelling with you

  • June 16, 2021

Travel advisory: While cubans may be able to travel with you at some times, if you are travelling on a commercial trip, you will need to be aware of the rules of the road.

Here are some things to keep in mind.1.

You may be required to pay the airline in advance for your travel and the cost of your ticket will be paid for by your airline, unless you have paid in advance and they are not allowed to charge you extra fees for it.2.

Some airlines will require you to bring your own passport, if the airline does not accept any form of ID.3.

If you are traveling with a partner or children, they should be allowed to accompany you on a cuba, if they are under 16, but if they’re over 16, you should not.4.

The government of Cuba has issued a travel advisory that states that Cubans who are accompanied by a companion should not be allowed into Cubas country without their passport.

If the companion is over 16 and they refuse to leave, you must not allow them to enter the country.

You can contact the Cuban Embassy in the United States to get an explanation from the authorities.5.

You will need a valid travel document that can be presented in person in a Cuban embassy or consulate, including a passport.6.

If your partner or child is travelling alone, you may need to bring a guidebook and guidebooks may be available at your hotel.

Travel guides and books are available at some hotels and may be cheaper than flights, if not free.7.

Some Cubans will ask for proof of citizenship if you have not paid for your accommodation.

You are asked to provide proof of Cuban residency, but this may not be necessary.8.

Cubans cannot be given visas to enter US.

If a Cubans visa is denied, you can apply for a US passport.

You must bring the original passport and proof of residency documents.9.

There is a fee of US$20 for your cuba trip, and the fee will increase for each additional person travelling with your cubas companions.

You’ll have to pay for your entire trip once you leave.10.

The cost of the hotel room depends on your accommodation in Cuba.

If staying in a hotel, the cost will vary from room to room.

You’re encouraged to check with your hotel for the best rates.

Cuban embassy in US: 617-929-9084Email: [email protected] Embassy in Australia: 02 9271 3264Tel: +61 3 5255 6709Fax: +60 3 6204 7091E-mail: [email protected],cubas-travel-advisory.com

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