When travel to Massachusetts will be a hassle

  • June 17, 2021

If you’re heading to the Commonwealth this holiday season, it’s not too late to avoid a bumpy trip, and that includes some of the most popular destinations in Massachusetts.

A report from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) on Wednesday warns that travel to the Golden State could become a hassle, particularly if you’re looking to take advantage of state and federal programs.

“The impact of these changes to the Massachusetts travel advisory is likely to be limited and moderate,” the report said.

The advisory states that Massachusetts residents are not allowed to fly, travel on Amtrak or other forms of transportation, ride in motor vehicles, or use public transportation.

Those who do not have an official Massachusetts driver’s license or state identification card will still be able to board public transportation but must wear an identification tag to prove their identity, and they will not be allowed to use a computer or mobile device on a Massachusetts public transportation system.

“Massachusetts residents will not have to abide by the travel advisory during this time, but the travel restrictions may be extended during periods of high demand,” the advisory states.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation will now begin issuing new driver’s licenses and ID cards that will have additional requirements, such as fingerprinting.

“Drivers can expect to pay a $100 fine and may be required to provide a Social Security card or photo ID to verify their identity,” the BCG report said, noting that some people will also be required by law to show proof of residency before getting a driver’s licence.

The travel advisory was issued to state residents in January 2017, but has been suspended until further notice due to the election of a new governor.


Charlie Baker (R) signed the legislation in November, and the bill will now go before the legislature for consideration.

According to the BCLG report, the Massachusetts Department, the state’s public transportation agency, and MassDOT will begin issuing driver’s licences and ID card that will require applicants to provide additional identification.

The bill also imposes new requirements on businesses who do business in the state.

Massachusetts will also no longer be a state of origin for goods entering or leaving the country.

The new law requires any goods entering Massachusetts from the border states of Canada and Mexico to be shipped through Massachusetts, but businesses and others who are not US citizens will not need to comply with this rule.

The BCLg report also notes that Massachusetts is no longer the home of the U.S. Olympic team, and so the teams will no longer travel to Boston.

The USOC is not scheduled to play in the Olympics in 2020.

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