How to avoid being caught up in a fake news scandal

  • July 23, 2021

The Financial Post is warning Canadians about a new online scam involving fraudulent claims made by Canadian media outlets.

The CBC has reported that its own reporters were duped by a scam that falsely accused them of being part of a fake story, the CBC News Service reported on Friday.

CBC News is warning Canadian media about a scam involving fraud involving fraudulent submissions that falsely accuse them of fake news stories.

CBC News is reporting that its reporters were fooled by a fake website that falsely claimed that CBC reporters had been duped into reporting a fake CBC story.

A CBC News spokesperson said the company is aware of the incident and has alerted the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

The CBC also confirmed it was in contact with the RCMP and the U.S. Department of Justice.

CBC has said the website was created by a group calling itself the “False News Syndicate.”

The CBC reported on Wednesday that it had discovered a fraudulent website that claimed to have a connection with CBC reporters.

Fake news website is posing as CBC reporters CBC News has been notified by the CBC of a new scam that uses a fake site to claim CBC reporters were tricked into reporting fake news articles.

CBC news has been informed of the scam and is working to verify the claims.

CBC reported Thursday that a fake page that claimed CBC reporters in Canada had been tricked into writing fake news was being used by a website called The Truth.

On Friday, CBC reported that a group called The False News Syndicate claimed to be working with CBC to spread fake news to the public.

The group’s website includes a picture of a man posing as a CBC reporter, and the words, “CBC reporter duped.”

CBC is in contact at the U-turn The CBC has contacted the CBC and the RCMP.

“CBC News has received notification of a threat to the integrity of its journalists and has taken immediate steps to address the matter,” the CBC said in a statement.

“[The CBC] is working with authorities to confirm the legitimacy of this site and to verify that the CBC employees are not being duped and are not involved in the scheme.”

The group behind The Truth also created a fake Facebook page that was used to falsely claim CBC journalists had been victimized by a fraud.

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