How to prepare for an emergency travel advisory in the United States

  • July 18, 2021

A storm advisory has been issued for portions of Texas.

Here are some things you should know about the storm advisory.


The storm is expected to move across Texas over the next two days, but it won’t be strong enough to cause significant damage.


The hurricane warning issued for parts of the state is for the northern part of the region, including the Rio Grande Valley.


Weather conditions are expected to be light in the Rio Hondo area and in Texas.


Most of the rainfall will fall along the coast of Texas, but rainfall will also be expected along the Gulf Coast, and the high-pressure system is expected in southern Louisiana and southeast Alabama.


Storm surge levels are expected in much of the Gulf of Mexico, but the hurricane watch does not include much of coastal Alabama.


Wind gusts of up to 75 mph are possible in parts of Alabama and southern Louisiana, and they could be strong in coastal Alabama, too.


A severe thunderstorm watch is in effect for much of Louisiana, including parts of Port Arthur and other communities along the Louisiana coast.


Storm surges of up 100 feet are possible along the coastline of Louisiana.


Hurricane-force winds are possible to the south of the coast in southern Texas.


Storm-force gusts are possible from the Gulf to the Mississippi River in southern Alabama.


Strong winds in southern Mississippi, including Hurricane Florence, could lead to significant flooding in the Gulf and Mississippi River Valley.


Storm activity will increase in the northern Gulf of Tennessee and parts of northern Alabama, and heavy rain will also occur in the Mississippi and Tennessee rivers.


Tropical Storm Joaquin will strengthen into a hurricane over the Gulf coast from Wednesday night to Friday.

It will be stronger and potentially larger than Hurricane Katrina.


Joaquin is expected near the Texas-Louisiana border with Puerto Rico, but there’s no forecast for its movement or intensity.


The forecast is for heavy rain in the upper Mississippi River, along the Tennessee River, and in the Great Lakes region of the United State.


Storm conditions will be lighter in some areas of Texas in the coming days.


Flood warnings are in effect in parts.


The National Weather Service is issuing an advisory for the southeastern United States from Wednesday morning through Friday night for a storm surge of up 10 feet (3 meters).


Flooding in southern Arkansas and southern Oklahoma could increase the risk of mudslides and flooding.


Flood conditions in the Tennessee Valley could be dangerous.


Floods in parts, including in parts east of Oklahoma City, are possible over parts of Arkansas and eastern Tennessee.


Floodwaters could become so deep they could swallow homes in parts south of Oklahoma and west of the Mississippi.


Storms are expected along parts of Louisiana from Wednesday evening through Friday morning.

Flood watches and warnings will be in effect through Thursday evening.

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