UK government warns of risks to public health and welfare

  • September 13, 2021

A leading environmental campaigner has warned of “devastating consequences” for the UK’s public health if there is a repeat of the devastating effects of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Nick Griffin, who is also an environmentalist, is also a member of the advisory board of a new oil company called BP Global Management.

The company has agreed to pay compensation for the environmental damage caused by the BP disaster and said it would invest $3bn in clean-up projects around the world.

Mr Griffin, an environmental campaigner and former Greenpeace campaigner, told the BBC that BP Global had been “the biggest polluter on the planet” and that the oil company’s “predisposition to pollute the environment” was “far greater than any other oil company in the world”.

“It’s absolutely catastrophic,” Mr Griffin said.

BP Global’s oil rig, the Deepwater One, sank in the Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana coast in 2010. “

If BP was going to be paid for that pollution, that’s going to devastate us and wipe out all our clean-ups.”

BP Global’s oil rig, the Deepwater One, sank in the Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana coast in 2010.

The damage was so extensive that it led to the death of two workers and prompted a series of investigations into the company’s environmental management practices.

A subsequent investigation by the US government found that BP had failed to prevent a spill that could have killed up to 10,000 people.

The US Environmental Protection Agency has since ordered BP to pay $7.7bn to the US Department of Justice, a $20bn fine and $6.6bn in environmental fines.

The UK government has also set up an independent environmental review committee, the Royal Commission on Deepwater.

The Royal Commission will examine the causes of the oil spill and report in the autumn.

BP has not responded to the BBC’s request for comment.

‘Lethal weapons’ The company said the oil in the Deepsea Horizon oil well was treated with a “highly toxic cocktail” of toxic chemicals.

It added that the spill had not caused the “massive and catastrophic” damage that the company had previously acknowledged.

The BP spill has also sparked a global debate about the use of toxic waste as a weapon in warfare.

Mr Robertson said BP’s actions were “cruel, inhuman and unforgivable” and had been used as a pretext for a series “of deadly weapons, weapons of mass destruction”.

He said BP Global management had agreed to provide a $3 billion environmental settlement to the victims of the Deeplywell spill.

Mr Roberts also warned that BP could have been fined billions of dollars by the UK government if it had been found guilty of “disclosing the risk of oil spills to the public health”.

“The government of the United Kingdom has now accepted BP’s responsibility for the devastating consequences of this tragedy, and BP Global has agreed not to sue,” Mr Robertson added.

BP Global is the parent company of BP’s UK division.

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