Why did it take so long to prosecute Trump? Now that we have a President who is going to be impeached, why didn’t the Democrats do anything?

  • September 20, 2021

A federal judge in Washington, D.C., ruled Thursday that the Trump administration has no authority to enforce the travel ban from six predominantly Muslim countries.

The ruling from U.S. District Judge Theodore Chuang in Washington came as Trump vowed to fight to keep the ban.

“It’s not like there are other countries that are going to do it.

And so it’s very simple.

We have no authority,” Trump told reporters Thursday.

“If we don’t have authority, we’re going to fight tooth and nail to keep that going.”

Chuang noted that the Justice Department has been enforcing the ban for a decade, and he said he has “no doubt” that Trump will prevail.

Trump’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The judge said the executive order was intended to protect Americans from the threat of terrorism.

Chuang also said he was concerned that the administration had “not sufficiently explained its rationale for the Executive Order, nor any of its factual or legal basis for the Order’s issuance.”

“While the President has a legitimate interest in imposing restrictions on the entry of foreign nationals who have committed terrorist acts or are suspected of having committed terrorist activities, there is no evidence that the President’s policy was a motivating factor for the issuance of this Executive Order,” Chuang wrote.

The order’s issuance came amid a flurry of legal action that began last week in Hawaii.

Attorney General Doug Chin and the state’s top immigration attorney argued that the ban violated the U.N. Convention Against Torture, which bars the use of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act to punish countries that commit crimes against human rights.

The Hawaii court ruled Wednesday that the executive branch cannot use the convention to impose its will, and it will hear arguments in September on whether to uphold that ruling.

Chuangs decision comes as other judges have begun to issue similar rulings.

The State Department has said it has no plans to appeal the judge’s ruling.

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