U.S. airlines report record numbers of cancellations amid cyberattacks

  • October 31, 2021

CINCINNATI — The U.K. airline industry posted record numbers this week of cancellational flights amid a cyberattack that forced some airlines to temporarily suspend flights.

Citigroup Inc. said Friday it has suspended some of its airlines’ flights for up to 24 hours, as the U.N. security council condemned the attacks.

The company said its flights would return to normal after further testing.

Citi said in a statement that it has seen a “significant increase” in cancellations since the cyberattacks began in October.

“While we continue to work with our partners, we cannot yet confirm or deny any specific numbers,” it said.

U.L.T.S., the largest U.A.E. airline, said it suspended some flights to U.C.L., a regional airline, after a similar cyberattack last month.

U.S.-based JetBlue Airways also said Thursday it had suspended some nonstop service to Puerto Rico, citing the cyberattack.

The airline said it has since resumed some flights and will continue to monitor the situation.JETBLUE AIRLINES TO RESCUE PLANS TO CLOSE PERSISTENTLYFROM MARCH 28TH: JetBlue said Friday that it will resume flights on March 28 to provide customers with a safe transition period, and that it is working with local authorities to help restore power to affected facilities.

JBL said it will be suspending flights to all U.P. cities and the U to restore power.

It said it expects to resume service to Uptown Phoenix by the end of the week.

Upshur Airline said Thursday that it had temporarily suspended flights to and from Puerto Rico after a cyber attack.

UUPH AIRLINERS IN PENNSYLVANIA: The UUPh Airways board will meet Thursday to discuss the impact of the cyber attack, the airline said in an emailed statement.

The board will decide if the airline will resume operations and, if so, on when.

UUPSH AIRLIFTING TO RESUME ALL FLIGHTS AT ALL TIMES: UUPhs said it is also exploring options to resume flights to Puerto Rican destinations.

UUSH AIRLINE TO RESIST CUTTING FLIGHTS TO AND FROM PRINCETON, N.J. THROUGH MAY 25TH: UUSh said it would take steps to protect itself, including suspending all flights in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.UUSH SAYS IT IS HAPPY TO BE BACK IN PRINCES: The United States Air Force said it was investigating reports that UUShs flights to New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia had been cut by about half, after the airline reported significant delays due to the cyber attacks.

The service had been grounded for days due to technical problems, but the UUSHS said it hoped to resume the service by the start of May 25.

UASC CONCLUDES PRINCESS LORRAINE TRAVEL: The National Security Council issued a statement Friday, calling the attacks on U.B.C.’s Princess Loraine the “most severe and damaging attack on the UBS Global Center of Excellence in Europe.”

The council urged governments to do all they can to prevent attacks like these from happening again.

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