How to get to Jerusalem and back: A guide to travel advice

  • July 29, 2021

An online guide to getting to and from the Holy City in Israel, as well as the surrounding area, is being updated to include new travel advice for the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the Palestinian territories and the Gaza Strip.

The updated guide was prepared by a committee of experts in travel from the Middle East and the North African region.

They are currently working on a revised edition that will be published in a few weeks, but the authors said that it is the first time the new travel information has been compiled and published in an official Israeli document.

The update is being published in two parts: a comprehensive overview and a more in-depth guide to the city, including maps, directions, attractions, services and other information.

It is also expected to be published online soon in a Hebrew-language version.

The updated guide will contain more details on the locations and services that are available and will include links to some of the major sites in the Old City, including the Dome of the Rock, the al-Aqsa Mosque, the Al-Aksa Mosque and the Western Wall.

The Jerusalem Post has also edited and translated the new guide, which will be available in Hebrew on Wednesday, January 14.

The guide, produced by the Jerusalem-based International Travel Agency, is part of a larger initiative to provide a comprehensive travel guide for Israel and the territories.

The Jerusalem Tourism Authority (IDA) launched the initiative in 2014 and in recent years has worked to develop the Jerusalem Travel Guide.IDA has been working with a variety of partners, including local and international tourism agencies, international travel companies, academic and community groups, government agencies, government organizations and others, in order to develop and promote a comprehensive guide to Israel and its surrounding areas, said Eitan Mazer, director of IDA.

He noted that the Jerusalem Guide is being released as part of an initiative that aims to encourage and strengthen Israel’s international image.

“We hope that this guide will be the first step in a long process of making the Israeli travel and tourism experience more relevant and accessible to the global public,” he said.

“The Jerusalem Guide aims to help the international public to better understand the Israeli tourism and tourism activities and to help them understand the region’s tourism industry, tourism destinations, the culture and history of the Holy Land, and the tourism services offered by Israeli tourism operators and hotels.”

The Jerusalem Tourism Association and the Tourism Authority of Israel also contributed to the project, as did the Jerusalem Municipality and the Jerusalem Tourism Administration.

The two groups also contributed information on tourism and the history of Israel and territories.

The new guide will also include maps and a map of the city showing major attractions.

It will also be updated on other topics, such as Israeli tourism regulations and how to find local travel agents.

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