How to stay safe when traveling to Egypt

  • September 20, 2021

A travel advisory has been issued for India in the wake of a spate of stampedes in the country’s capital, Cairo.

The Travel Advisory Group (TAG) issued a travel advisory on Tuesday, advising travellers against travel to the country and other large cities, with a view to “further strengthening the security situation”.

The advisory has no specific date yet, but it comes amid a spate, which has seen the deaths of at least 40 people in the past week.

According to the TRAI, the death toll has risen to 40 since the beginning of February, with several more being confirmed.

The alert also mentions the need for a “consultation process” to decide how best to protect travelers, and the need to avoid crowds.

The warning comes as India grapples with the rise of terror groups and its increasingly volatile security environment.

The government, meanwhile, has cracked down on the flow of foreign funds through Indian banks, restricting the flow to the cash market and imposing a new ban on travel to some parts of the country.

India’s terror alert was issued on February 1, 2018, when a spate a week earlier saw a wave of deaths and a number of assaults at two major tourist sites, the Grand Mosque and Coptic Cathedral.

On February 9, a truck ploughed into crowds in the streets of the tourist hub of Luxor, killing one person and injuring more than 30.

A second attack killed six people in Luxor on February 13.

The following day, a mob of about 20 people attacked the Imam Ali Mosque in Cairo.

In January, another mob attacked a tourist site in Luxoria, Egypt.

India warns of ‘extreme’ risk of travel to Ecuador

  • August 6, 2021

India on Friday warned that “extreme” travel risks remain from Ecuador amid heightened tensions between the two countries over the death of a British diplomat.

In a statement, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said there were no signs of “serious disruption” in international travel between the countries.

“However, it is important to note that while there are some significant signs of the situation being managed, there are no signs or indicators of any major deterioration,” the MEA said.

The ministry added that India “strongly opposes” “any further actions that would increase tensions between India and Ecuador.”

The Indian Embassy in Quito said the “situation has not changed” in recent weeks.

“The Indian Government strongly condemns any further actions to increase tensions and tensions between our two countries.”

The ministry also cautioned against taking trips to Ecuador.

“Due to the current situation in Ecuador, we strongly advise you to remain vigilant in your travel and stay away from all areas of the country where there are ongoing security threats,” the ministry said.

Why Ecuador is warning travelers to avoid the country’s tourist resorts

  • July 7, 2021

Ecuador has warned travelers to stay away from its national parks and beaches after heavy rain and strong winds washed away the coastal resorts of Cancun, Puerto Madero and Cabo San Lucas.

Ecuador has also issued a travel advisory for the islands and neighboring Costa Rica, saying that travel is restricted to its coast and beaches.

Ecuador has issued a tourist advisory for Puerto Maderio, Costa Rica.

Ecuador said in a statement that it is suspending its own coastal travel advisory and is issuing an emergency travel warning to other states, countries and organizations in order to reduce the risk of coastal erosion.

Ecuador issued a second travel advisory after heavy rains caused landslides in Cabo Piedras National Park in Costa Rica on Sunday, and heavy rainfall caused floods and landslides throughout the Caribbean island nation on Monday.

The islands of Puerto Maderia and Puerto Mares in the Costa Rican province of Puerto Vallarta have been affected by heavy rainfall and landsliding that have caused flooding and landslisions in recent days, according to a statement by Ecuador’s tourism department.

The resort of Cucuyes in Puerto Valleria was also damaged by landslides.

The island is located in the Caribbean Sea, which is currently the center of Tropical Storm Jonas.

On Sunday, Ecuador also suspended its own travel advisory in Puerto Maldonado, a tourist destination in the country that has been hit by heavy rains and flooding, as well as heavy rains in Cabuco, Costa Ricans southern neighbor.

Ecuador suspended its travel advisory to Cancún, Puerto Rico, after heavy rainfall swept away some of the coastal towns and townships.

The Ecuadorian government has said it will send a team to Puerto Maldoades resort, where the damage caused by the landslides has been reported, in order “to determine the extent of the damage.”

The tourism department of Ecuador has announced the suspension of its tourist travel advisory on Costa Rica and Cuba, as the two nations have reported significant damage due to the heavy rains.

The Costa Rican and Cuban governments said they have suspended their own tourist advisory as well.

In Ecuador, the countrys coastal resorts are protected under the UNESCO Convention of the Great Barrier Reef, which Ecuador says it is “proud to be a part of.”

In a statement on Sunday , Ecuador’s Tourism Ministry said that Ecuador will send an expedition to Puerto Madera to explore the damage and the damage to the coral reefs that it has created.

The Costa Rican government has also suspended travel advisories in Caba San Lucas, Puerto Malda, Puerto Vallaya and Puerto Maldoz, saying it is sending a team of experts to the islands to investigate the damage.

The National Disaster Center of Ecuador, which coordinates the country s disaster management, said it has received a report of the landslide damage in Puerto Maderena and Puerto Vallante.

In a tweet on Sunday morning, it said it is monitoring the situation.

In Puerto Maldón, a popular tourist destination along the Costa Rica coast, residents of Cabo Puerto and Puerto Mazar are reporting landslides and flooding in Cabobas resort, the National Disaster Centre of Ecuador said.

In Cancuno, a resort town in Costa Rico, the national disaster centre said that the coastal resort of Costa Caribe has been flooded and is facing erosion.

In an earlier tweet, the center said that heavy rainfall in the coastal area was the main cause of erosion.

A number of the islands resorts have been damaged in recent weeks due to landslides, floods and coastal erosion caused by heavy rain, landslides caused by strong winds, and flooding due to heavy rains, the centre said.

Travel advisory: France’s Bordeaux airport shuts due to ‘major incident’

  • June 17, 2021

France’s international airport Bordeau has shut down due to “major incident” at its airport in Paris.

The Paris Airport Authority said in a tweet on Saturday that flights would be diverted to other airports in the region, including Bordeaus Lyon and Strasbourg, which are less than a five-minute walk from the airport.

A total of 922 flights had been cancelled, it added.

The airport was closed at 8:45 a.m. and reopened around 4:30 p.m., AFP news agency reported.

France’s state broadcaster said all flights in and out of the airport were cancelled.

The situation has caused “huge disruption” in France, the French foreign ministry said in an emailed statement.

France has been struggling with a spate of security incidents, including a terror attack at the French parliament in March that left 130 people dead.

Authorities have blamed ISIS, but it has not yet been confirmed that any terrorists carried out the attacks.

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