What are the Frost Advisories?

  • September 21, 2021

Winter travel and other winter travel destinations are expected to be a boon for New York State as the state continues to inch closer to an expected ice storm.

The forecasted storm will bring some of the snowiest temperatures to the state, which is the third-largest in the Northeast, and also some of its driest conditions, which could further exacerbate existing conditions.

The forecast calls for at least a foot of snow to fall, with potentially more in the New York City area and parts of the South.

More:Snow forecast for New YorkersThe storm will also bring high winds, sleet, heavy snow and ice, but with most of the state’s major cities expected to see little to no snow.

The State Department of Transportation has issued a travel advisory for New Jersey and New York for Tuesday, the first time the storm has been declared in those states.

The advisory calls for travel in New Jersey to be avoided unless travel plans include overnight accommodations.

While the storm will likely cause snow to accumulate, the governor has said New York will likely be able to deal with the storm.

“New York State has had some extremely snow-related events over the last few weeks, including a significant snowfall that dumped a foot or more of snow in Hoboken and other areas,” Cuomo said in a statement.

“With this storm, New York’s state parks system and the surrounding region have received a significant amount of snow.”

New York’s weather agency said the forecast calls in for heavy snow to continue to fall in New York, as well as heavy sleet and ice.

The storm could also lead to power outages and disruption for people with generators, but it will not cause a blackout, the state agency said.

The National Weather Service in New Orleans said it expects the storm to bring more snow, sleeting and freezing rain to parts of New Orleans.

The agency also warned that the forecast does not guarantee that any storm will cause snow and freezing rains to accumulate.

It’s not expected that any snow will form in New Mexico, and there will likely not be any significant snow or ice on the ground.

The New York weather service says that there will be a high chance of freezing rain, but no significant accumulation.

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