How to get your children’s travel advice sticker to be approved

  • September 9, 2021

You can get your kids’ travel advice stickers approved on the Panamanian passport and on the Panama passport, according to Panamanians on the social media platform, Twitter. 

The new stickers are currently being distributed to Panamás schools and other schools across the country.

“We are pleased to see that children are enjoying their holidays with their family in a safe and fun environment,” Panamania’s education minister, Joaquín Barroso, told Reuters news agency.

“The Panaman government is very committed to the safe and healthy environment for its children and this is something that the government has worked hard to achieve.”

I hope that the children will enjoy their holidays and that they get their holiday information in a more effective and timely manner.

“The new travel advice posters are being distributed in a partnership with the Panamá Public School Association.

The Panamas schools will receive stickers for their children on the official Panamán passports, while other schools will get stickers on the personalised passports. 

Panama’s travel advisory is an important tool to help families understand the risks associated with travel.

It is a mandatory part of any new passport, and the government says that it will send stickers to every child who applies for the travel information.

The government said that the new travel advisory stickers were approved by the Panamericano Council of Ministers on the basis of the recommendations of the National Safety Commission.”

These are the best travel advice to get for your children,” the government said in a statement.”

It is the only place to get the best information, with more than 70% of the children aged between five and 14 having travelled to the US and Canada on their passports.

They can also be used to improve their understanding of the risks that Panamanicos face and the consequences of travel to the United States and Canada.””

We believe that children can benefit from these stickers, especially in light of the recent attacks in Panama City,” the Panamaian government said.

“They can also be used to improve their understanding of the risks that Panamanicos face and the consequences of travel to the United States and Canada.”

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