How to keep your child safe on the Gulf Coast

  • August 20, 2021

The Coast Guard said it is adding several extra safety precautions to help keep kids safe at sea, including an advisory to parents who have children under the age of two that they will not be allowed on flights at sea.

The Coast Guard issued the advisory Tuesday to all air travelers heading into Shreveport, Louisiana, on Wednesday.

The Coast Guardsman in charge of all flights into the area says parents who want to take their children to sea should follow the guidelines issued Tuesday, the Coast Guard says.

Airline travel advisories are issued on a case-by-case basis and are usually issued only to the most-affected passengers.

The new travel advisions are to help ensure that all passengers are safe and that there are no issues during a flight or when the aircraft lands, according to the Coast Guards.

A spokesperson for the Coast Mariners said that, at this time, no further flights will be affected by the advisory.

Airport authorities in the Gulf region are also taking steps to better protect the health of passengers and crew.

The Transportation Security Administration says it is suspending screening of all travelers, including unaccompanied minors, as well as any passengers with a history of mental health problems.

What’s next for the Shreveport River?

  • August 2, 2021


— The Shreveports River is currently undergoing a review by the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LEQ), which could take several weeks or longer to complete.

The river is the largest body of water in the Mississippi River Basin and the largest reservoir in the United States.

A spokesperson for the DEQ told MTV News that the review is expected to take several months.

“The DEQ will provide updates as necessary, but is currently waiting for the results of a third round of testing,” said the spokesperson.

“The first round of tests was done in January, and results were released in early March.

 The second round of data was completed in April and is now in the process of being analyzed by LEQ.”

“It’s important that the public has confidence in the results so they can make decisions about how to proceed with development projects, such as the development of a dam, the proposed addition of a levee, or other major infrastructure projects,” the spokesperson added.

In the meantime, the Shrekville community remains on high alert.

There are also concerns about the impact of the algae bloom on the water quality in the Shremport River.

It has been reported that water quality has been deteriorating in Shreve, but it is unclear if this is related to the algae outbreak.

Some local residents are urging residents to stay home and avoid swimming in the river because it is believed to be unhealthy.

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