When you’re travelling in a plane, the safest way to check if it has a seat is by seat rating

  • August 19, 2021

Travelers can now use a new technology to determine if a plane has a full or half seat capacity and what the safest place to sit is, the airline has announced.

The new app, SeatGeek, is designed to be used by airlines to find out what their passengers can and cannot recline their seat in, as well as the amount of legroom in the cabin.

It’s designed to help airlines make more informed decisions on how to improve their seats. 

“We know that the seats on planes are not always as comfortable as we’d like, and our customers want the safest, most comfortable experience possible,” said Simon LeBoeuf, chief operating officer at Ryanair.

“The app is designed so that airlines can be able to compare the cabin to a customer’s preferred seat to make more educated decisions. 

We’ve seen great customer feedback and our app is constantly being updated to keep up with the latest information, so we’re looking forward to seeing how it performs.” 

Airlines have long used SeatGeeks to make decisions about how they would like to improve seats on their planes.

But while the app is currently available in more than 140 countries and airlines, it’s not yet available for all international routes. 

The app has been designed to provide airlines with the information they need to improve the safety of their aircrafts seats.

But it’s also been used by other airlines to give passengers an opportunity to provide feedback about their experiences on the aircraft. 

To find out how many seats a plane can hold, airlines can use the app to find the number of rows and rows per side that a passenger can recline. 

Aircrafts seating capacity is often compared with a passenger’s height.

This information is then compared to a passenger with the same height and to a plane with a different seat capacity. 

While a full-seat passenger is usually the ideal passenger, some airlines have found that a full seat can sometimes feel like a small seat. 

Ryanair says that in order to find that optimal seat, the company has also developed an app that shows how many rows each side of a passenger is. 

In the app, a passenger must be able reach all four sides of the plane to see the seating chart. 

For Ryanair, the app compares the seat capacity to that of a normal passenger, and then determines if a passenger has the best option to recline the seat.

In that case, the passenger can simply click the “recline” button. 

 Ryanairs has also launched a new app to help passengers make their reservations online.

The company is calling the app ‘the best travel booking app on the market’, and it has also teamed up with US travel guidebook The Price Guide to offer an in-app discount to customers with an active Membership to the Price Guide. 

When customers go to The Price Guides website and search for a flight, the booking portal will show a comparison of the number and seats in each row and rows of the aircraft to help customers make more accurate decisions.

The Price Guide says that the app can be used to find where the best seats are in the aircraft, and for customers to provide the information and suggestions they need when booking their flight. 

As well as providing information about the best way to reclin the seats in an aircraft, the Price Guides app will also help users with booking reservations and make the best use of their booking time.

“We’re constantly working on ways to improve our app to make it better for our customers,” LeBoeweuf said. 

According to ThePriceGuide, its app has had more than 10 million downloads, has more than 5 million daily active users, and has over 7 million reviews.

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