The weather advisory for the UK has been cancelled due to ‘unusual’ rainfall conditions –

  • September 7, 2021, the weather app, has been pulled from the App Store due to “unusual” rainfall conditions across the UK.

“ is temporarily suspended in the UK due to an unusual number of thunderstorms in the Midlands,” the app’s website states.

“This is due to thunderstorms that are occurring in a low-pressure area and a low pressure system that has moved westward.

This is the first time that has been temporarily suspended and will be unavailable throughout the UK on Thursday.”

The app’s users will be able to access, and but Weather. users will not be able access these sites.

The app is currently down in the US and Canada., and the Weather app are not affected by the disruption.

Weather’s CEO, Jonathan Miller, wrote on Twitter that he’s “working to fix the issue.

The good news is we’re doing that.”

In a statement, Weather said that it was working with Apple to “remove from the app store”.

“We are working with our legal team to determine how to restore access to Weather.NET, which we expect to be available in the coming days,” the statement reads.

“As soon as we have more information on how to resume access to the app, we will let you know.”

In the meantime, users can still access, Weatherbeat, Weatherworld, Weathercast, Weatherzone and Weathervault.

Weatherbeat is currently offline.

Weatherworld and Weatherbeat are both unavailable.

Weatherzone is offline. 

Weatherbeat is also offline.

The apps were pulled due to a thunderstorm in the North Sea on Tuesday night.

According to the website, a thunder storm “is the strongest category of weather.”

A thunderstorm is a weather phenomenon caused by low pressure moving westward and/or by low temperatures in a region.

Weather and Weatherworld are currently offline due to the storm.

Weather, Weatherwatch and Weatherwatch Live are unavailable. 

It is unclear whether the app will be available again for people in the U.K. on Thursday. 

The app has been downloaded more than 30 million times since its launch in December.

CDC warns about heat advisories for children

  • August 6, 2021

A warning about heat advisory for children in the United States has been issued for a third day after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised parents not to allow their children to play outside at times of high heat.

The advisory was issued Tuesday after the National Weather Service reported that the area surrounding the city of Houston had reached a record high of 96 degrees, breaking a record set in February.

It was followed by another temperature of 105 degrees in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

The agency said the average temperature in the Houston area has been climbing since the summer.

The CDC also warned parents of children under 6 years old to be aware of high humidity and potential for respiratory issues.

It is not clear what triggered the recent temperature record.

The temperature is the highest on record for the region, which has been on a record of hot weather, according to NOAA.

The previous high was 106 degrees in November of last year.

The temperature record for Texas is now held by an average of 105.8 degrees, which is 1.9 degrees above the record set last summer.

On Friday, a record was set in the Texas Panhandle, where the temperature was 103 degrees.

The city of Amarillo recorded its hottest day on record, with the temperature reaching 105 degrees.

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